Tuesday, June 06, 2006

RPW on Doyle's Travelgate Problems

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is undertaking a full court media barrage regading the daily revelations surrounding the travelgate controversy.

Today's release:

(Madison, WI)...Prosecutors in the bid-rigging trial of the Doyle administration are exposing an organized cover-up by Jim Doyle's top officials to deceive the public over the governor's personal involvement in his Travel-gate scandal. Statements made by Doyle and his aides are in direct conflict with evidence presented in a bi-partisan investigation into pay-to-play in Jim Doyle's administration.

According to prosecutors, Jim Doyle personally met with Adelman Travel officials about a lucrative state travel contract in April of 2004. In attempts to distance themselves from the scandal, Doyle Administration officials have said the travel contract "never registered on the radar" of Jim Doyle or his political appointees. Yet notes from the meeting specifically state that Doyle's "maxed out" campaign donor pushed for a master contract to be "enforced from the top." The Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Rick Graber, says Doyle's fingerprints are all over the Travel-gate scandal.

"Based on what has been presented in the court room so far, it looks like there was an organized cover-up from Doyle officials to conceal the truth from the taxpayers," Graber said, "The facts we've learned certainly seem to show that Jim Doyle and his top aides were very much involved in the travel contract that went to their campaign donor - even though they previously said otherwise."

According to the Doyle Administration:

...Marotta said the contract was "very, very small" and never registered on the radar of anyone in upper management. "Nobody at that level would have ever thought about it," Marotta said. - former DOA head and current Doyle campaign chair Mark Marotta in the Wisconsin State Journal, January 26, 2006.

"We'll see," he said. "I don't know Georgia Thompson. I had nothing to do with the contract. I have been repeatedly assured that the correct procedures were followed in how it was done. The U.S. attorney may have a different view of that. He has a job to do, and we'll see what the facts are." - Jim Doyle in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, January 27, 2006

According to Federal Prosecutors:

Both Doyle and Marotta met with Adelman officials about the travel contract. According to a prosecution witness, Thompson said she did not know "how I'm going to tell my bosses it's not Adelman" after the company failed to get the highest score from contract evaluators.

Two Adelman Travel officials have donated $20,000 to Jim Doyle's re-election campaign - the maximum allowed by state law. Jim Doyle has kept that money for 128 days since canceling the deal because of media and public scrutiny.
Tough stuff.

While this may indeed be the start of a very long summer for Doyle, here's hoping RPW and the Green Team are also prepared to hit Doyle for his many public policy miscues as well.

From Photo ID to the real property tax freeze to the hike in UW tution to free bennies for illegals, Doyle has a lot of baggage.

No need to put all their eggs in the travelgate basket, no matter how tempting that may seem right now.


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