Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Doyle Backs the Sheboygan Flip Flopper


If Doyle's veto had been overridden Tuesday, Wisconsin would have joined 46 states that already allow residents with proper permits to carry concealed weapons. Now, supporters must wait until at least 2007 for another chance at passing the legislation, and many on Tuesday promised to make it a campaign issue in this fall's elections.

In the end, Democratic Reps. Terry Van Akkeren of Sheboygan and John Steinbrink of Pleasant Prairie were the deciding votes. Both earlier had voted for the bill but switched and backed Doyle on the override attempt.

pro quo.

Flanked by Gov. Jim Doyle and surrounded by about 75 friends and supporters, Sheboygan native Terry Van Akkeren announced Monday he is seeking a third term in the state Assembly.

Van Akkeren, 52, a Democrat first elected to represent the 26th Assembly District in 2002, made his formal announcement at Hops Haven Brew Haus, 1327 N. 14th St.

Van Akkeren said in an interview that if elected, he would work to provide adequate funding for local public schools and cities.

"That's the best way to control property taxes is if we send money from the state here, that then goes directly to help the city keep their budget down and help the schools keep their budget down," Van Akkeren said.

I know there aren't that many incumbent Assembly Dems left, but even Governor Doyle would have a hard time flying to all their reelection announcements. But make no mistake, there is no way Doyle is going to risk losing Steinbrink or Van Akkeren.

By not sticking to his guns, the Sheboygan Democrat ensured Governor Doyle will stick with him.


At 7:01 AM, Lord Ben said...

It's magical money! We'll just get it from the State - free money!

At 8:30 AM, Anonymous said...

You're just picking on this government official because he's black. That's all you ever do.

Oh, wait...he's not.


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous said...

Actually, anon #1, you make a point whether you want to or not. You'll note that here Fraley is going after someone because of a real issue and is criticizing the on a political level.

This is totally different from the empty namecalling of black officials that sometimes gets Fraley criticized.


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