Wednesday, June 07, 2006

300 Percent Increase in Milwaukee County's Share of Sales Tax Hits Stumbling Block

Not so fast.
County sales tax proposal stalls
A referendum on a proposed new 1% sales tax for parks, recreation, culture
and transit stalled in a Milwaukee County Board committee today.

On a 3-3 vote, the Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee in effect blocked the measure from being taken up for discussion. One of its sponsors, Supervisor John Weishan Jr., had sought to substitute the 1% proposal for an earlier version that called for a 0.75% county tax for the four programs. Supervisor Michael Mayo Sr. was absent.

But of course, sales tax proposals never die, they just get shuffled around. This pig could rear its ugly head again next week in front of another committee.

When it comes to guarding our wallets against this county board (you know, the ones who enable Lee Holloway to remain as know, the ones who think Walker is too pessimistic about the county's financial know, the ones who have a hard time making it to their 'dozens' of committee meetings each year) we must remain vigilant.

The push for targeted tax hikes and user fees will be relentless.


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