Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The real reason June 6th is important, any year.

Minute by Minute Account of D-Day, courtesy of the National WWII Museum

00:15 hrs
17,000 British and American paratroopers and glider troops drop behind German lines into Normandy.

00:35 hrs
British Airborne troops take control of bridges over the Orne Canal and River.

01:00 hrs
First Navy hands ordered to man battle stations. Landing craft begin to be lowered into the water; on shore, Airborne troops cut phone line and knock down telephone poles.

02:00 hrs
First bombers take off from bases in England to attack targets around the beachhead.

03:00 hrs
More glider troops begin to reinforce Airborne troops.

03:09 hrs
German radar detects Allied invasion fleet. A dmiral Krancke orders shore batteries to prepare for invasion.

03:30 hrs
The assault troops begin loading into landing craft.

04:30 hrs
British capture the Merville battery, clearing the way for troops to land on Sword beach.

05:30 hrs
Allied bombardment of beaches begins, U.S. troops land by boats on St. Marcouf, a German-held island just off Utah beach.

06:00 hrs
German 7th Army HQ informed of heavy Allied bombardment.

06:30 hrs
H-Hour on Utah and Omaha Beaches.

Show me the rest.


At 12:54 PM, Anonymous said...

great post...thanks for remembering.

At 3:37 PM, Dean said...

Thanks for this, Brian. My dad was there on an LST. He would have been 82 in Nov.


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