Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Van Hollen's Take on Lautenschlager's Performance in Milwaukee

Former US Attorney JB Van Hollen, a candidate for attorney general and a client of mine, issued a strong statement today regarding Peg Lautenschlager's response to the ongoing violence in Milwaukee.

The Attorney General’s response to the violence in Milwaukee this past weekend has been disgustingly quiet.

She's AWOL on fighting violent gun crime in Wisconsin's largest city.

Apparently, Peg Lautenschlager is too busy suing law abiding farmers in northern Wisconsin and fighting the EPA, Department of Education and FDA to actually focus on fighting crime in the highest crime area of the state.

We need more than a long-term action plan, though; we need to do something now.

Ten point plans, blue ribbon panels and study committees won’t deter the thugs, punks and gang bangers.

Hassling law abiding gun shops won’t get illegal guns off the streets.

Peace rallies won’t keep the peace.

Last month when I outlined my approach to fighting crime in Wisconsin I proposed the deployment of Multi-jurisdictional Action Teams, or MATs, to leverage federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to tackle the state’s most pressing problems.

Clearly, the gun violence in Milwaukee is one of the state’s most pressing problems.

The attorney general should be taking the lead here.

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Van Hollen introduced his MAT proposals last month. It's based on his experience as a district attorney and as the chief federal law enforcement officer for 2/3rds of Wisconsin.

Lautenschlager's been too busy handing out fifty grand in state settlement money to her political cronies to pay attention to Milwaukee's problem.

To his credit, JB's primary opponent, long time neighboring district attorney Paul Bucher is holding a media event on this issue today.

Falk? Lautenschlager?

They're too busy trying to out-liberal each other to focus on fighting real crime.


At 7:39 AM, Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, the DOJ doesn't have any troops or cops to put on the streets. This is all a gimmick.


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